Access to Shioya

Commuting and transportation

Access to the Shioya Estate Foreign Residence is very simple!

Travel distances:
Kobe Central: 17 minutes (train); 25 minutes (car)
Osaka Central: 45 minutes (train); 50 minutes (car)
Akashi: 10 minutes (train); 20 minutes (car)
Tokyo: 3.5 hours, including connection to the “bullet train” (Shinkansen).

Nearest railway station
- JR and Sanyo Railway stations are both a about 10 minutes walk away down the hill.

Typical commute times
To reach central Kobe, door-to-door, is about 35 minutes. Other offices in the Kobe city area are on average 30-4 0 minutes commute by car or train. Most people use the train because services are very reliable and frequent in Japan.

Train times
From Shioya trains depart every 5-10 minutes, east to Kobe and Osaka, and west to Himeji, Hiroshima and beyond.


Shioya Estate Foreign Residence

Shioyacho, Tarumi-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

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