Shioya Estate Foreign Residence
Enjoy a fantastic view
from an historic estate
Located a short distance from the center of Kobe in a secluded and quiet neighborhood
Shioya Estate Foreign Residence
Western living
in beautiful Kobe
Located atop a low hill on a 240,000 m2 plot surrounded by rich greenery.
Shioya Estate Foreign Residence
Access to the
Shioya Country Club
The club offers activities and classes for all ages, as well as free access to the fitness gym, swimming pool, tennis court and more

Welcome to Shioya!

Dotted spaciously, and hidden away in the scenic hills of Kobe, is the Shioya Estate Foreign Residence, or simply “Shioya”. Also known by the locals as "James Yama" (yama meaning mountain in Japanese), Shioya is located atop a low hill on a 240,000 m2 plot surrounded by rich greenery. The houses in Shioya, with their stunning panoramic views, are built with higher ceilings and bigger windows than houses in the traditional Japanese style, and they are designed to suit a Western lifestyle.

  • Large storage and garage spaces
  • Concierge service
  • School bus service
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Yard maintenance provided by our gardeners
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Shioya is one of Japan’s truly
unique expat communities

Built in the 1930s by British trader Ernest W. James, the Shioya Estate Foreign Residence is an exclusive expat residential community that overlooks Osaka Bay.

The large western-style homes were developed for, and are rented exclusively to, Western expats and their families in Kobe, and Shioya is one of Kansai's best kept secrets.

Shioya is located 20 minutes west of downtown Kobe, and nestles among rolling hills, which descend towards the sea. The views over the bay are stunning.

The island of Awaji and the spectacular Akashi suspension bridge frame part of the view. Fishermen are often seen working below. The fog horn of cargo ships passing in the distance can be heard. Truly it is a setting which restores the senses after a busy day.

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Life on the estate


Shioya Country Club

The club offers activities and classes for all ages, as well as free access to the fitness gym, swimming pool, tennis court and more.


Concierge service

Planning and organizing is a time-consuming activity. We offer a concierge service to help make living in Japan easier.


Pet policy

The estate is designed to allow residents to keep pets. All the yards are fenced in and gated, so there is little risk of pets straying.

Western expat living in Kobe

Generations upon generations of Western expats and their families that have come to Japan, have all enjoyed the spacious, beautiful scenery that the Shioya Estate Foreign Residence provides.

Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan and is the capital city of the Hyōgo Prefecture. Kobe is home to approximately 1.5 million people and has over 50,000 expatriates living in the city.

The train tracks from Shioya run along the sea, a view of Awaji Island emerges, and the Seto Inland Sea and the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the world's highest suspension bridge, are also beautifully viewed from the houses. There are mountains of Rokko in the north, where you can enjoy seasonal leisure activities such as mountain climbing and skiing at the Mt. Rokko.

The stylish cityscape in the city is well-known. You can enjoy walking around the city to find many famous brand boutiques lined around Sannomiya and Motomachi area. You can experience the latest trendy fashions in the Bay area. There are many delicious restaurants sharing the flavors of various countries in many places around the city, including Nankinmachi. You can also enjoy Kobe’s famous night views from many recommended spots in the city. The natural environments around the city are rich and luscious. You can also enjoy traditional Japanese culture by visiting Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, and hot springs dotted within and around the city.

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How do our residents view life in “James Yama” Shioya?


Shioya Estate Foreign Residence

Shioyacho, Tarumi-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

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